Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Good News


Today I went to the surgeon to discuss the results of last weeks' MRI & mammogram to see whether I would need an MX or a Wide Local Excision (aka WLE). When we last met (because of the microcalcifications that were present when I was first diagnosed) they were erring towards the MX. However, chemotherapy has worked its magic :) I appear to have had 'a complete radiological response to chemotherapy' so the whole MDT are really pleased & I am now having a WLE instead.

Am booked in for surgery on 18th December, so although I'll feel tired for Christmas, at least it won't be the larger operation they were contemplating. Does mean I will need around 3 weeks of radiotherapy in Guildford every day (100 mile round trip) starting sometime in January, but that'll be another road bridge to cross when I come to it....

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