Thursday, 26 January 2017

Mammogram - Year 4

So today I had my 4 year mammogram, it was definitely a case of history repeating itself. Basically a copy paste of my last mammogram....., apart from swap Michelle for Rob. Other than that, same feelings, same scanxiety. Everything the same.

A few of my BC buddies question why I have my mammogram now, given that 2017 is actually 5 years since I was diagnosed, people that were diagnosed in the same month as me, have it from diagnosis. My trust have just always done it this way, so it's from when I finished treatment (other than rads), basically from when they told me all the f*cker was out of me. Hopefully this one will be okay, then I'm one year closer to the magic 5 year mark.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


I have a confession. I've had a swelling around my ribs since just before Christmas. I fiddled with it, it got bigger. I panicked and went to the doctors a fortnight ago. I hardly told anyone as saying it aloud made it too real and I wasn't in the right space to even consider what it *could* mean.

I went to the docs a fortnight ago, he confirmed there was a swelling and ordered an x-ray, underlined on the notes to accompany the xray order was "previous history of bc". Feck. Luckily they could do me an xray immediately. We drove to Horsham hospital, had the scan and that was that.

I waited a week for the results, all normal. But the swelling is still there. Docs don't seem concerned but that doesn't appease my overactive brain. I now know what it's not, but I don't know what it is. I request another appointment for a weeks time to discuss it.

A few days pass and I give in and google, one case of bc metastasis to the intercostal muscles recorded ever in the UK and I convince myself I'm going to be the second. Not sleeping, stressing, feeling sick etc etc.

Went back to the docs today, apparently a virus and/or an injury caused me to develop something called Costochondritis and then my fiddling made it swell more. With costochondritis it can take months for the swelling to reduce. Plus where I've lost weight (over a stone since October!) my bones are sticking out more which makes it more prominent. Phew.

Hooray for sticky out bones and a virus!