Wednesday, 22 June 2016


It's so bizarre that I am now blowing out 4 cancerversary candles, the time really has gone so fast.

This time 4 years ago I was given the worst news of my life, as I blow out my 4 candles today (actually I cheated and blew them out on Sunday as today I'm having an absolute blast wandering around German vineyards!) I reflect on how fortunate I am.

Here's to loads more candles 😊

P.S. It's impossible to write four candles without thinking of this cracker of a sketch.... 

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Check Up

Today I had my annual appointment with medical oncology at Redhill. Even though I've been feeling well and I give myself some TLC (Touch, Look, Check) at least once a week, there is just something about the familiar drive to the hospital and the familiar walk to the outpatient's department that makes me feel sick. 

The rational part of me knows that I haven't felt any lumps and that should give me security but all rational thought really goes out the window. Especially with Rob being so poorly lately - don't ask... 2x hospitalisations for diverticulitis and associated complications - one hospital stay was 10 days long :( , my emotions have been tested like never before.

We were waiting in a stuffy, non air-conditioned room for over an hour and a half. The note on the board said they were running 25 minutes late, no-one bothered to come and explain or even acknowledge the people waiting. Really poor show as people's emotions just become more heightened and fraught. 

I was eventually called through and was seen by my oncologist's registrar. She asked how I'd been feeling and told me that in a few years once I've done 5 years on tamoxifen we can try for kids (yippee - 3 years down already)! She then gave my boobs, armpits, collar bone and back a feel and told me everything felt okay and that she'd see me in a years' time. 

Hooray, some good news after the stress of the past month 😊