Monday, 2 February 2015

2 Years NED

2 years ago yesterday I found out that my cancer had gone, that on my second margin clearing operation they had got it all. Today I had my annual check up and saw my consultant surgeon (who I saw back in November when I had the scare). He gave my boobs a quick squodge, felt my armpits (checking the lymph nodes) and tapped my back. Then Rob and I went into his consultation room, he looked at the images from my mammogram, asked how I was tolerating the Tamoxifen and said "Okay, see you in a year"! Awesomeness :)

Sunday, 1 February 2015

50s chic

This weekend was Miss Power's hen do, it was great and really nice to put my job woes to the back of my mind. Amongst the other fun things we did, the bridesmaids had arranged for us all to have 50s style hair and make-up done. Everyone else was able to have victory rolls in their hair, I thought I was going to have to 'settle' for a short style but I am actually super pleased with what they did!

Got home after the hen and switched the calendar to February, I then remembered I have my Cancer check-up tomorrow. I guess the fact that I forgot must mean I'm truly moving on from it :-)