Monday, 5 November 2012

Part Deux

It's coming into week 3 from my last chemo & today I had a meeting with my surgeon at East Surrey Hospital. The surgeon is pleased with my response to chemo & all the signs say that the lump has really shrunk.

This means that my next steps are an MRI & mammogram within the next fortnight (I hate MRIs, so claustrophobic!) Once I've had those, the results will determine if I have a lumpectomy or mx (mastectomy). This is because although the lump has shrunk, I do have some microcalcifications behind the lump which they want to investigate in case they are DCIS. If they are, then an mx will be on the cards, which is (yet) another thing to contend with. However, everyone I've spoken to through my forums, at Olivine, & through a young women's group on Facebook, say that chemo is by far the biggest challenge (compared to surgery) & I've already completed that mofo.
After the meeting with the surgeon, we met up with Carole, my Macmillan BCN, who explained a bit more about surgery, the mx, reconstruction & a few other bits. I also showed her my nails (which have completely yellowed), but she said she thought they looked pretty good compared to others she's seen, so fingers crossed on that one.
All a bit overwhelming but at least I have the start of a plan for the next stage in this journey.....

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