Friday, 20 December 2013

Brighton Meet Up

Yesterday evening I met up with some of the lovely YBCN girlies who are based in the South East. We had a lovely meal at Zizzis and a few drinks in a bar afterwards. Although some of us had only ever met "virtually" the conversation (and wine!) didn't stop flowing. Such a fab evening :-)

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Check Up

Today I went to Crawley hospital for a post treatment check-up with (the elusive) Dr Houston. As usual they were running pretty late, but thanks to the CSP breathing techniques I stayed fairly calm in the waiting room.

When I was called through I saw Dr Houston's registrar (hence the elusive comment above, think I've only ever seen my oncologist twice!) and we had a chat through how I was getting on with tamoxifen. My answer was/is pretty well tbh. I get occasional hot flushes, joint aches and hormone relate mood swings but they are all perfectly tolerable. 

Then I jumped on the couch and he tapped my back a few times asked me to take some breaths in and then I lay down and he felt both my boobs, my breast bones and my armpits. He didn't say anything but then they never do!

I have my mammogram tomorrow, then I'll be seen again in January by my surgeon (or more likely a registrar!) and then these guys again in June. So I'm seen every 6 months by the team and have annual mammograms.