Saturday, 31 August 2013

....Gone tomorrow

Today my friend Carrie shaved her head for Little Princess Trust.
and this is her now.....
Carrie you rock! 

Friday, 30 August 2013

Hair Today...

Tomorrow my friend Carrie will be shaving her head to raise money for The Little Princess Trust.
This is what her lovely long hair looks like at the moment:
She even got a write up in the local paper (even though they got the date wrong!)
So if you can spare any pennies (or pounds) for this amazing charity, please Click Here

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Check-Up Time

Today I had a check up at East Surrey Hospital.

It's about 6/7 months since I had my second WLE and although I was feeling very nervous about the appointment, I was able to use some of the breathing techniques that Sam had taught me at my CSP course so I was able to calm myself down.

Of course when I got to the hospital they couldn't find my notes and the appointment was 45 minutes late (despite being at 09h45 in the morning) so they were really testing my resolve!

When I did get seen it was a huge relief. They asked me a few questions about how I was coping with tamoxifen and then got my to take my top off and lie on the bed.

The doctor then felt my armpits and my right and left boobies. He said everything felt fine (and a follow up letter said that my breast felt "unremarkable- charming!)

They don't want to see me again until December when I'll have my first mammogram.

Hooray :)