Monday, 24 June 2013

Proud Photo Moment

I have been taking part in something called fmsphotoaday since the start of this year.

You can read what it's all about here.

Basically, each day you have a word which is a prompt and you submit a photo based on that prompt. You join in via Instagram (I'm jellytot1983 if you want to follow me), via the Fat Mum Slim Facebook Page and the FMS Photo a Day Facebook Page. There isn't a "point" to it as such, it's just a bit of fun, looking for inspiration in the world around you. There are 8,000 members of the FMS photo a Day page, 431,151 members of the Fat Mum Slim group and loads of likers on Instagram.

Every day Chantelle (who was the founder of fmsphotoaday), chooses a "Fab Four" (4 from her Fat Mum Slim page and 4 from Instagram) and then posts these on her site.

On Saturday the prompt was "Enjoying Life" so I thought how very apt given it was my cancerversary so uploaded my candle photo to the different pages above.

I'm proud that as of this moment, on the FMS page, my picture has 485 likes and that my photo was chosen to be in the Fab Four!!

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Today is my cancerversary. 

A year ago today my world crumbled when I was told the life changing words "I'm sorry to tell you that you have breast cancer". As of today I've made it through chemo, two operations and radiotherapy. 

As I blow out my single candle, I'm proud to say I've beaten BC, that I have this blog with 37,300 pageviews from 70 countries and that I've met some truly amazing people.  I will always be grateful to those of you who supported me through such a horrible time xxx