Monday, 23 July 2012

Shedding (pardon the pun) Some Light On Hair Loss

My hair is really starting to fall out now :( It's really hard to describe how hair loss actually feels to people but I'll try...

My head was itchy and hot like I'd sunburned it for the whole of last week and then on Thursday it started to feel like I'd applied hair removal cream to my head and the hair was simply melting off my scalp. The actual hair is becoming wispy and if I even touch it, loads falls out. This sucks :(

My nose is also on permanent drip mode. I thought it was hayfever but have since realised that my nose hair (yes girls have nose hair too!) has fallen out.

I made the decision this evening to have my mid-back length hair cut to just above my shoulders. I felt that the weight of the hair couldn't be doing it any favours.

This is so bloody difficult psychologically. The hair is now cut and I don't feel like me any more. At secondary school I used to get bullied about my hair and I just feel fecking miserable about the whole thing. I suppose at least I have Erika (my wig's style name) for when the now inevitable happens.

I am now deciding whether or not to keep going with the cold cap on Thursday or just say bugger it and go without hair full stop.

Annoyingly I still have all my leg hair! Wish that would fall out instead.... :)

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