Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Tropic Skincare

A few weeks ago I noticed that my skin was getting very dry so I started looking for products that would be natural and nourishing.

I remembered from following Lord Sugar on Twitter that he worked with a lady that was in the Apprentice called Susan Ma who had set up her own natural skincare company called Tropic. I found Tropic Skincare on the internet and the products looked amazing. The trouble with chemo is you never know how your skin is going to react to certain products so through their contact form I sent them a brief message with a link to this blog explaining that I was undergoing chemotherapy and was looking for a few samples to try.

A day later I had a personal email back from Susan saying that they would be delighted to send me some samples to try and asked for my home address.

As you can tell from earlier blog posts from this week I've had a pretty rough time on T, so when I got home from the doctors today and saw a box outside the front door I was pretty buoyed. I got inside and opened the box, expecting to see a couple of sachets of products, so when I pulled out 3 full size products and a personal letter I was pretty blown away.

Tropic kindly sent me the following products:

So far I've only smelt them (rather than used them) and they smell delicious, really citrus based and fresh which is just the kind of scent you need when undergoing chemo. Anything oily or chemically would just make you feel nauseous. I'm really excited to use them (I'll let you know what I think!).

Thank you very much Tropic!

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  1. That’s great to know, Joanna. You’ve been fighting enough bigger battles to add skin problems to your list of worries. Hopefully, the smell is as good as its effect to your skin. I look forward to hearing how these skin care products work for you.

    Jackie Wong @ MIAMI Institute